New pieces join the collection

New pieces join the collection

Today, Ecart International continues to perpetuate the work of Andrée Putman by proposing timeless designs while taking into account the issues of our time.


In response to this, in addition to our classic oak and walnut stains, we are proposing a new stain for Jean-Michel Frank’s 1929 deckchair, without synthetic products, using only the tannins retained in the oak. Thus, only one natural colour is obtained, according to its own history and growth. In order to reduce the use of toxic products, the oak is protected by an oil. Our aim is to offer traditional know-how and increasingly eco-responsible solutions in order to reduce our use of petrochemicals to a minimum.


An out-door variant of the deckchair is proposed from heated ash. This process makes our wood rot-proof and thus becomes a real alternative to teak wood. The wood can be protected with oils while keeping its original colour or it can be left natural, in which case it is grey.


remain natural, in which case it will turn grey over time, just like exotic woods.
In this variant we recommend our customers to use out-door fabrics and we use special outdoor foam with open porosity.


The Elephant armchair was designed by Ignacio Pirovano, a friend of Jean-Michel Frank, for the Hotel Llao Lao. This piece will be available in French walnut and oak but also with this new natural oak colour. Both models will be present for the first time at the gallery from Wednesday 23 March.


You will also find the work of the duo Laurent Maugoust and Cécile Chenais with whom Ecart International has enjoyed collaborating for many years. They share the same taste for the poetry of singular spaces, the sensuality of materials and for the infinite possibilities offered by the gesture and know-how of craftsmen such as those we can find in our factory.


The unique Wolf armchair combines the rusticity of a woolen skin with the depth of lacquer. The Wolf bridge takes up the lines of the armchair without its skin and thus reveals an oak or lacquered structure and a delicate seat.or lacquered and a delicate seat. The pure lines of the Nabucco sofa and the yoku stand out in the space thanks to their singular and sophisticated volumes, contrasting with the rough aspect of the finishes, the sophisticated fall. To finish, the Reiko screen, articulated in four leaves and composed of a wooden structure and lacquered glass, will finish off this space.


Chloé is looking forward to welcoming you to the gallery to present our new products:


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