Laurent Maugoust and Cecile Chenais

Laurent Maugoust, interior architect, decorator and designer, trained at the Camondo School, has been working on haut de gamme hotel projects in France and abroad for nearly 20 years. Intimately attached to the places’ history of the places he invests in, he often prefers to talk about interior design.

He considers that the conception of a hotel is based on the constant and ambivalent capacity of its designer to offer in the same space the exceptional and the familiar. Cécile Chenais, trained at the Ecole du Louvre, began decorative arts through the anthropology of space and artistic gesture, and has been the artistic director of the Laurent Maugoust Architecture studio for 10 years.

Together, they share the same taste of poetry of singular spaces, sensuality of materials and for in nite possibilities that gesture and know-how allowed by our craftsmen. For Editions Ecart, they signed the “Chimères” collection, a free interpretation of the imagination they associate with history of this house.

Duets return to the origins of their inspiration by displaying a sculptural essence in the manufacturing of the pieces they unveil. They bring together rusticity of the iconic woolen skin with the depth of lacquer, the sophisticated fall of a box calf leather with the roughness of a linen cloth. They create Tailor made pieces with clean lines, radical and graphic aesthetics, through that their shine appears.

In /Laurent Maugoust and Cecile Chenais / Sofas
Sofa Nabucco
In /Laurent Maugoust and Cecile Chenais / Armchairs
Armchair Wolf
In /Laurent Maugoust and Cecile Chenais / Accessories
Screen Reiko
In /Laurent Maugoust and Cecile Chenais / Armchairs
Yoku armchair
In /Laurent Maugoust and Cecile Chenais / Chairs and stools
Bridge Wolf
In /Laurent Maugoust and Cecile Chenais / Sofas
Sofa Yoku