Martine Cazes and Thierry Conquet are both graduate of the Camondo School. At the head of an interior architecture and design studio (CA&CO), sensitive to traditional know-how and techniques, they have been carrying out projects all around the world for the last 30 years.

Whether they study the architecture or interior design of private residences, service industries and commercial concepts, their work is part of the memory of places, forms and uses. The quest for the “genius loci” is always present, through a contemporary vocabulary, constructed of perennial forms and noble materials.

Involved in the world of watchmaking – they are at the origin of several Swiss brand universes, from the creation of spaces and pieces of furniture, to the product itself – their work is renowned for its extreme precision and timeless elegance.

Thierry Conquet was close to Andrée Putman and participated during 10 years in many projects of the Ecart office. Several furniture licenses, still edited today by Ecart, bear the trace of this collaboration.

In Ca & Co / Chairs and stools
Bridge Augusta
In Ca & Co / Chairs and stools
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In Ca & Co / Chairs and stools
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