Bismut & Bismut


Daniel and Michel Bismut are French architects and interior designers.
They conceive personal and unique designs for residential projects and commercial projects, including high end Apartments , Embassies, Hotels and Concept Stores worldwide.

They work on very different projects and scales, straight from a piece of furniture‘s detail to a building‘s architecture design.

Their projects are about volumes, lines, space and material… Simplifying architectural vocabulary by keeping only the bare essentials.

Bismut &Bismut recent projects include Residential Apartments, Mansions in Paris , Houses abroad (Los Angeles, Bombay, London) , Offices buildings,

and Hotels‘ projects.

They also just finished a yacht  interior design for “SanLorenzo” boatyard , as well as house accessories collection for Dior.

They have designed a custom made Furniture line, including  limited editions pieces, presented in exhibitions such as “AD Interieurs”, “AD Collections” in Paris, and
“Holiday Houses” in London.

Their table “tray” is in the “Musée des arts décoratifs” collection, and they are currently designing some pieces for the French official  “Mobilier National”.

Their work has been largely published in different French and foreign editions of  specialized magazines such as, Architectural Digest, Elle Deco ,

Harper’s bazaar, Ideat

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